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Cabbage Green Smoothie

Smoothies are a perfect, easy and practical way to add more fruit and veggies in our diets. Plus, they can be adapted to satisfy everybody’s taste and are ideal for breakfast, an afternoon snack or a replenishing light meal after a workout. When it comes to detoxing and purifying, though, green smoothies seem to be the most natural choice, since the main ingredients are nutritious green leafy vegetables (that most people find harder and less attractive to incorporate into their diet). Also, they are really high in vitamin, fiber and mineral and are low in calories, while very filling. They have a high content of fiber and are therefore easier to digest and will keep you hydrated.

The perfect way to prepare your green smoothie is, firstly, to choose a liquid base. This can be simple water, fresh orange or lemon juice, coconut water or vegetable milk (soy, coconut, rice, almond…). The second step is to choose your favorite leafy green: spinach, kale, cabbage, romaine etc. Add up to 3/4 different fruit (to give your blend the typical smoothie texture, freeze the fruits previously). Finally, you can boost your smoothie with extra seeds, spices or powders to make it extra nutritious.

Let’s prepare a Cabbage Green Smoothie!


250ml cold water

100gr cabbage

½ green apple

1 kiwi

½ frozen banana

½ avocado


Lemon juice of ½ lemon

1 teaspoon spirulina powder

1 teaspoon of chia seeds


  1. First, mix water, lemon juice and cabbage leaves.
  2. Now add all the other ingredients and blend until everything is well mixed and the texture is smooth.


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