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We are going to start June with a fruit that has a fantastic color, delicious flavor and it is impossible to eat just one, right?

This fruit is perfect to break free our toxins from our body, because it has antioxidants and can neutralize those degenerative diseases. These powerful antioxidants are also beneficial for our cardiovascular health even our star allows to improve circulation. So it helps lower blood pressure by protecting our heart.

On the other hand, another of the antioxidant effects is that it protects the capillaries of the retinas on our eyes and consequently allows maintaining good ophthalmological health.

If we look at it in a deeper level, cherries are a fundamental piece that take care of our skin from the inside and not only the skin, but they also strengthen our joints.

A curious fact is that cherries are perfect for people whohave difficulty sleeping because of its high content of melatonin which  helps you to fall sleep, that is why eating cherries a few hours before going to sleep can help if you suffer from this difficulty.. What do you think? It’s not bad to know this, right?

But that’s not all … Did you know that cherries can fight muscular inflammations? It’s a good anti-inflammatory! In addition, another fact to have in mind is that our starcan be beneficial for those people who have headaches, since it is a very effective fruit for this type of pain. That is why it is considered an excellent fruit for our nervous system.

This fruit is amazing and is also diuretic. It can be laxative and can regulate our stomach.

If we focus on a more psychological level … Who doesn’t want to battle stress by eating? Well, the cherry is a good ally, it has properties that facilitate the increase of serotonin and contains tryptophan, this one facilitates good mood, therefore, not only can you release stress, but also reduce anxiety.

Anxiety, stress … and we can’t forget depression. This fruit is wonderful it is a good ally to be able to increase the mood and helps gather strength to have more positivism in our day to day life. Of course, we do not have to forget that personal work is very important in order to have good health.

It’s amazing how such a small fruit can be so nutritious

Soon you will discover our recipes …

That you will enjoy

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