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The green color is back in Baking Moods, this time with zucchini. You will see how this vegetable has a lot of nutritional properties which are so healthy for us.

The vitamins it contains are A, C, E and K, and the minerals are magnesium, calcium, phosphoreous, folfate and potassium. In addition, this is a vegetable has a lot of fiber and antioxidant power.

Those vitamins, help us to keep our skin with the perfect hidration, and at the same time, it removes all toxins of our body. These vitamins also help our hair and always keep it hydrated and strong.

Zucchini is ideal to reduce cholesterol and strengthens our liver. It provides good cardiovascular health that strengthens blood vessels and prevents blood clotting. Thanks to the amounts of potassium and magnesium this vegetable can control blood pressure too.

Being an ingredient with such a high level of water it is ideal for controlling our weight and appetite, it hasn’t got many calories and it’s perfect for those who do dieting and those who don’t.

A curious fact about our staris that it prevents macular degeneration. In addition, if we have swollen eyes and apply two raw slices on them we will achieve a reduction in the swelling. Not bad, right? As we can see our eye health also benefits from this dish known as Zucchini. 

This time we have two recipes that for sure, will not leave you indifferent. In one of them we will use a not very common instrument, but as you will see, without this instrument it’s impossible to make? the recipe …. Stay tuned and you will know what rich dishes we have planned

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