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The Kale is an ingredient that is used more every day for its amazing properties and benefits, and also, has a great flavor, moreover, it is also perfect to keep us healthy.

This ingredient has a high portion of water which lowers the caloric value, however, this doesn’t reduce the composition of minerals and vitamins. We  are talking about minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron. This food is ideal for people who have anemia and a low level of iron.

The vitamins it contains are A, E, K and above all C, it consists of 20% of its total content in this vitamin, which makes this ingredient provide us with a lot of energy.

Taking into account all this, the Kale is good for our bones and the amount of calcium in this mineral is similar to the amount of calcium in the milk. It helps us reduce risks related to the heart, it is a good propellant of good cholesterol and helps reduce cholesterol considered bad. In addition, it’s fiber content helps regulate our intestinal transit and provides a quick feeling of fullness.

As you already know, food affects our physiological organism, but also mental, that is why Kale is perfect to increase our serotonin levels, apart from being a food rich in selenium it is perfect to fight depression, since it maintains the serotonin at the correct levels to raise the mood.

What do you think of thisingredient? It’s really great, we just have to wait for the recipes that we have prepared for this superfood

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