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Eggplant  isn’t just a tasty ingredient, it has a lot of possibilities, is really versatile and we can cook a lot of recipes with it. Also, its proprieties are fabulous, if you want to know more about this ingredient, just keep reading…

The first characteristic about this vegetable is amazing because it contains a lot of water, it has 90% approx. This is a really nice ingredient to keep a healthy diet.

Their principal minerals are iron, which can prevent anaemia, it also contains calcium, which allows to strengthen the bones, and potassium, that, as you know, it is perfect to have a good development of our organism.

Its principal vitamins are diverse, one of them is vitamin A, this one is perfect to keep our eyes healthy, about vitamins B1, B2 and B3, they help us to decrease headaches, even migraines, especially with the cases in which the pain comes from the hormones. Vitamin C is incredible to keep a really good dental health, it even keeps our gums healthy too because it contains natural defences against bacteria. It contains  vitamin E which allows to have antioxidants in our body, those  also allow the improvement of our memory and prevent cognitive diseases.

This ingredient helps us to improve our blood circulation and reduce cholesterol. It also Contains chlorogenic acid, their proprieties are antiviral and antibacterial.

The fibber it contains is perfect to debug our organism, on the other hand, it also increases the production of bile and that’s good because, it helps us have a good digestion.

Do you want to feel better? Then, the best of this ingredient is that it can regulate serotonin and decreases the levels of  anxiety and depressions because it activates the prefrontal cortex.

In a few days I will upload some recipes, they are so healthy and tasty!

Have a good week!

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