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Small Eggplant Towers

Eggplants, as you know, are very rich and provide us with many nutrients! Have you ever seen a small tower? It is delicious and it is very easy to cook it! I encourage you to try it and taste it!

Ingrediente (2 people)
1 eggplant

2 tomatoes

100g of mushrooms


1/2 onion

1 egg


Cheese to gratinat


1.Cut the eggplant and tomato

2.batimos the egg and introduce the aubergine and then anoint with flour.

3. We grind the pieces of eggplant.

4. Cut the onion into the julienne and brown it a little, add the mushrooms to mix the flavors.

5. We preheat the oven to 180.

6. We add oven paper in a tray and assemble the tower: eggplant tomato, onion, mushrooms, mozzarella and eggplant again

7. Put a little cheese on top and put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes!


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