About us


My name is Cherish and amongst my studies I have a degree in psychology. I’m fascinated by the intrinsic and biological part of the mind, as well as being able to check how everything which surrounds can affect us somehow. So, why choose a cooking blog? Well, I’ve always loved cooking and trying new flavours. In fact, since I was a child I’ve fiddled with different types of ingredients. My grandparents opened up a bakery and it was during my time spent there, while messing around and creating different bread shapes, cakes and fillings, when I could see that which fascinated me so much about food. I love seeing how we are able to create amazing things with food, without neglecting the traditional part, which carries us to a wide world of flavours.



I’m Giulia and, as any good Italian girl, I have always loved food. My grandma’s warm and sweet scented kitchen, my mother’s midnight culinary experiments and my father’s dazzling ice cream cakes have been the source of my fascination for pots and pans, new flavors and love for quirky cooking gadgets and cutlery. But food to me is not only tradition. It is creativity and fun, a way of finding out what works for you and your body and what makes you happier and stronger.  Through Baking Moods’ fabulous recipes, I will take you through all the vegetarian and vegan options that will make you discover and learn to love all the beneficial properties of a plant-based diet.