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New year … new purpose!

I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but I’ve been really busy organizing all the courses that I have pending.
Each course I am going to see could be interesting, I will inform you, so to start the year I am doing a course of Mareva, which is called: Healthy Food for beginners. (Sorry it is just in Spanish and Catalan but Iwill explain you many things about it)

This course gives me a lot of keys to start the year changing some habits, and it is for everyone, like if we are omnivores, vegetarians, vegans or if we have some kind of intolerance. It’s fantastic!

For this post I am going to focus on a part of the course that I think is very important to change our eating habits:  What are the first steps we must take to achieve this purpose?

Nowadays, more and more we see bio and eco food in stores, it is important that we look closely at whether these products are really natural, that includes that they are not exposed to all those industrialized processes. Apart from looking at the label of each product also, a good recommendation is to go to stores that you know the products come directly from the garden.

On the other hand, if we refer to an animal product it is very important that it is fresh and also ?, to know what life the animal has had, since it is not the same to consume eggs from free hens that are caged … this is another topic which we will be talking about later .

The important thing for this post is to understand that the ecological has to relate to the natural and that it is fundamental to start our change.

A very important point that I loved about this first part of the course is that we not only have to be aware of everything we eat, but also how to put it into practice.
So if you want to follow a change and have the same purpose we have to follow these points:

1. To change we must not do it immediately, but progressively, since it is necessary to adapt to each of the changes, we want to make it in order to achieve our purpose

2. Food should not be forbidden, but replaced, that is, we can continue eating bread but there are always more nutritious and healthy options for our body.

3. When we eat, we have to pay attention and the rush. It is important to eat slowly and chew well.

4. It is important to do the digestion before doing any activity, even wait a reasonable time before going to sleep.

5. When we make the purchase, it is important to make a list and read the labels of the products

6. The best way to clean products such as fruits and vegetables is with a coconut fibber brush ( cleaning it only with water is not enough) or for example; leaving them on soak for a few minutes with water, white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Since that way we reduce the pesticides, (in this way they only reduce).

7. Save the products you want to introduce to your diet in plain sight and before buying them is important to know which dish we are going to cook.

What do you think? … It’s not bad to start, right? I have a lot of things to tell you, but step by step … I do not only do this course without being extended and complementing others to achieve my purpose. 

Let’s go for a year of small – big changes!

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