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The importance of water

You will ask me why I have chosen this topic, but it is very important to focus at least one post on this important element for our lives.

It is necessary to focus on the quantity and quality of water that we drink throughout our day, it is true that in terms of quantity it depends on our body and therefore we should do an individualized study to know how much water we should drink. However the average tells us that with a liter and a half a day is fine.

One point to keep in mind is that between meals you should not drink water or may be just a glass. It is best to drink a little every hour to maintain good hydration for our body. In addition, water helps us eliminate many toxins.

When talking about water quality, it is necessary take into account if  it is well filtered or bottled. Also, if it can contain alkaline minerals, it will be much better! When we buy water, we have to look at the label very carefully.

We should also consider how we store this water, in another post we will talk about the containers, but is the best is to keep it in a glass jar or stainless-steel bio. If it is stored in plastic, it is necessary to know if that plastic is free of BPA. So, it is important that we look carefully at how we consume water and how we maintain it. Of course, we must stay in the best material CRYSTAL.

On the other hand, when we cook it would be convenient that we did not do it with tap water, at least it should be filtered. Think that if we boil some food in that water it may contain some unhealthy elements for our organism.

With all this, we must not forget its consumption, water is a very important element for us, but also for our planet, so it is important that we take into account some points and reflect. With small actions we can save a lot of water, for example, when we put a washing machine it is better to fill it well, the faucets should have some regulators, close the water while we wash the hair, body or teeth, and turn it on again to rinse. It seem logical, right? But today, despite of knowing all the theory, it is still not applied properly.

So you know water is essential for us, so it is important to be aware of all this, every drop is very valuable, so it is important that the water we are going to consume is of an adequate quality and we have an adequate consumption for our organism.

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