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As you know, the skin of fruits and vegetables can be removed, but often when we remove it, it also removes their nutrients that may be beneficial for our body, however, sometimes washing this food with water is not enough, that is why we can use the Tawashi (Kamenoko-tawashi). You may ask what is this tool It is a brush of Japanese origin which is made of coconut fiber, an antibacterial material, it is natural and works very well. Its literal translation is:

Brush to wash something (Tawashi) in the shape of a small turtle (Kemenoko).

As you can see in the image, the description is literal from the Japanese word.

It is important to note that this brush removes dirt deeper than water, however, I recommend that if the fruit and / or vegetable is not organic you remove the skin, so you make sure you don’t ingest anything toxic.

It is a natural product but it lasts a lot, so you can give it a lot of use, in addition , if you want to keep it well, in one end it has  a metallic hook that allows you to hang it and let it dry

It is very easy to get it, in organic stores or even online

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