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Oatmeal and tuna creps

Oatmeal and tuna creps

This is a good way to eat salty crepes, they are also rich in protein. The oatmeal gives a delicious touch to this dish. It’s a different way of eating crepes. Do you aim to try them?


For the dough (1 crep)

30g of oatmeal

90 g egg whites

A pinch of pink salt

A pinch of oregano

For the filling

Grated cheese

One can of tuna for each crep


1. We preheat a pan

2. Mix the oatmeal, egg whites, salt and oregano and beat well.

3. Put the mixture in the pan and distribute the mixture well, wait two minutes and turn the crepe.

4. Fill with cheese and tuna and fold it in half

Enjoy it

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