Complementary Moods

In Baking Moods we premiere a new section!

To bake our mind, body and mood it is important to take care of ourselves in two different levels, the internal and the external.

The internal is through everything we eat, how we breathe and how our body is positioned along the day, since according to our position we will compress more or less some of our organs and muscles.

On the other hand, the external is everything that has a direct contact with our skin and hair, since there isn’t anything more external than all that is visible of our body.

From here we will advise you with correct body postures so that we learn to become aware of our physical position. Types of meditation to clear our mind and even physical activitiesthat can burn all those negative energies to change them into more positive ones. Not only that, but we will also offer some advice on productsthat are beneficial for us and for nature. On the other hand, I will present you all relevant information about all coursesthat I will do it, because I want to improve my alimentary mood and, in the same time, I will help you to improve your alimentation too. All this, always relating it to our recipes, since this section is the best complementfor my blog. What do you think?

We have to think that our health is like an oven preparing something delicious, and that is that if we put all the ingredients with a lot of love and care, making sure that the mixture is perfect and that is exactly what we want to achieve with this section, complement and know what is what we eat and how it benefits or harms us along with all those internal and external aspects that can help us feel good.

So…..welcome to Complementary Moods.