What is Baking Moods?

When life gives you lemons…



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you chocolate, make brownies. When life gives you potatoes, make French fries… And enjoy!

Food is one of the biggest pleasures in life, and rightly so. Every one of us has a favorite meal that reminds us of our childhood and many core moments in our lives. The taste of an ingredient or the aroma of a dish can bring back good memories (that amazing cake you had on your 8th birthday) and slightly worse ones (that big plate of veggies mom really wanted you to finish).

The best part is, that food can actually help you improve your mental and physical health, improve your mood, and ultimately help you get through some really hard times (and we are not just talking about that giant ice-cream tub some of us indulge in after a break-up).

Each and every single thing we eat on a daily basis has an effect on our body. Some will make us feel happier and more awake, some might fill us up making us feel bloated and sluggish. Many ingredients that we use commonly have amazing properties that we had never even imagined. They can help our immune system on cold winter days, improve our skin elasticity and rebuild healthy cells after bad stressful periods and even detox and cleanse our organism while boosting the metabolism.

What’s more, color, texture or the different composition of our plates can have a say on the way we digest and absorb different nutrients and define our general approach to food. Not to mention how modern marketing strategies have been changing our tastes and preferences generation after generation!

Baking Moods is going to explore this wonderful world of emotions and sensations through original recipes that can be adapted to various lifestyles and needs in the hope of better understanding how our body works and reacts under different circumstances. We will learn how to make the most out of simple every-day ingredients through interesting combinations, or  revisiting traditional recipes and seeing them under a different light.

Together, every week, we will choose a specific food or ingredient and find out more about its history, nutritional values and peculiarities, giving you some creative ideas on how to use it best in main courses, desserts or quick snacks. At the same time, we will feature exemplary pictures, how-to videos and interesting articles and researches on the fascinating world of food and nutritional psychology, so make sure you tune in and get in the kitchen with us to boost your mood!